Semiya/Vermicelli Pulao

Dry roast vermicelli and keep it aside. Grind Indian spices (Cloves, Cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, black pepper, kasuri methi) with fresh coconut and tomatoes. Shallow fry vegetables and dry fruits of your choice, add the ground paste with ghee/butter. Add water (2:1 with vermicelli) and let that boil. At this point, add the vermicelli, let it cook until the water is all absorbed.

This is my mum’s signature dish and my favourite!

Pepper Peanut Rice

Dry roast peanuts, red chillies, cloves, black peppers, cinnamon, coriander and fennel seeds, any lentils, cashew, almonds.. whatever you can dry roast. Once cooled down, grind them all.

To a table spoon of oil, add chopped bell peppers, sweet corn, green peas, edamames, broccoli, and any vegetables that cook faster. Add boiled rice, salt, and butter/ghee. Once mixed well, add the powder we made. Switch off the flame and there you go!

Pepper peanut rice is ready!

Happy ‘Fry’day!

Let’s relish these flavours from India!


Never tried cabbage before? You will not regret trying this, and can’t help but fall in love with cabbage.


Cone dosa, a savoury crepe made with rice and lentils, is my son’s favourite.


Poori, a deep fried flat bread, made with wheat flour can be relished any time!


Tindora/Dondakaay, (Coccinia grandis, the ivy gourd) melts in mouth when deep fried!

Let this be a happy ‘Fry’day!

Black bean salad with phodni mirch

In the process of rejuvenating my husband’s lost taste buds after the nasty flu we all have had.  Black beans, as suggested by one of my friends, help us build good cholesterol. So, here it goes:

Orange and red peppers, kumatos, lettuce, coriander leaves, pepper powder, avocado oil,  dry roasted walnuts and cashews, mint powder, salt. Mix them well.

Shallow fry slit green chillies, add chat powder and a drizzle of lemon juice.

Keep both separate and eat them together 😉

ps: not the bests of the photos but this was made while under the weather.