Yeohaeng of our first black belt!

My son, Indi, is officially a black belt now. What else could give me more pleasure than penning (well, typing) my thoughts after a long break! With all due thanks to his instructors in two counties, I have a few friends to who I need to be grateful.

This journey into Tang Soo Do, a South Korean martial art started a while after I saw my very good friend, Helen. W, walking her two ninjas (in her sweet words) home after their Tang Soo class. I was fascinated by the way they both were dressed in neat Do Bohks holding Bo-staffs. I shared that delightful sight with my family, and Bala and I felt Indi should join as the classes were in the same small, beautiful village. It took Indi at least 5 months to make a decision. But once he saw the Tang Soo Do demo for us all, there’s no stopping him. 

He soon became a golden boy with medals wherever we went that included tournaments within England to Wales to Holland, and the encouragement from the then instructors, Jeff, Mick, etc., and the students of higher ranks, Karl, Tibbett’s family, Dixons is remarkable. Everyone there supported and encouraged him.

Then happened the big move for us from the UK to the US. All Indi asked was a similar Tang Soo Do Institute, and Jeff and Mick guided us to Austin Karate Academy run by Master Mukherjee. With slight changes in his forms, he graded every time he is due and soon was a blue belt. With the India trip last year, he had to wait for one extra year to give his black belt test, and he did! In this journey, he inspired many children to try this martial art, and more importantly, he achieved what neither his mum nor dad has!

He was one of the two who scored 100% on the written test, and his essay, which he wrote with his heart got a special mention from his mentor and master Mukherjee. We would like to thank all his instructors and black belts for the support, and younger belts for the warmth.

Ms. Tracy has that attention to detail, Alejandro that motivation, Mister Bailey, Ms. Carol, Ms. Carla everyone for training him.

We would love to thank Master Mukherjee for being his mentor, a master with dedication and discipline. Indi also is teaching now, and understands what teaching is about! According to him, his journey has just begun.


Now, a special thanks to all our friends who sent their best wishes to him. Vicki. W, Jo. W for constantly checking on us during the testing, and for our wonderful Eunjoo and the Lee family for celebrating his black belt even before the results were out! 

Tang Soo!

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