Kick the Covid

I am a hopeful individual. Because I know life is not always a bed of roses.

I am very grateful for people and their services that let us sit on our couches and keep us going 🙏.

I am certain that the present global scenario (a pandemic and an economic turmoil) will help the current generation of kids overcome the impediments and make the world more scientific, robotic, and virtual. Up until now, we’ve had only complaints about kids on the phone, not having in-person interaction, lack of communication skills, etc. But, now, in this shelter-in process, they are better placed: better organized, active personal connections and limited distractions (they’re preparing for their academic and other activities) handling the curveball of Covid that life threw at us.

We as a family have come up with charities monthly that are closer to our hearts from the countries that embraced us.

Not so much worried about quarantine or homeschooling with mine. As kids, they have survived without holidays for 3 years at one point. I make it a point that they understand and absorb the emotions and priorities that maketh humans. That’s how I grew up, and that’s what I believe in!

Stay safe, and let’s kick the Covid! We can do this, and we will.


  1. Joanne · April 7, 2020

    Beautiful words


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