I’m Padmasree, a (digital) marketer empowering businesses to harness digital media outreach through campaigns, content, and analytics. Let’s take a plunge into my lovely journey across the three beautiful continents with which I’m associated.

I am also an active volunteer at my kids’ school creating digital content and managing communications via social media and a mentor. Taken after my mum, I am a passionate chef trying dishes from traditional Indian to modern contemporary cuisine- all vegetarian.

 I hold a master’s degree in business administration, a bachelor’s in biology, and various certifications in digital marketing, and one each in psychology and gamification.

Education indeed is valuable and a gift to have. ‘వారాలబ్బాయ్’- a beautiful concept which I reiterate in many of my posts is the culture of feeding a couple of financially challenged students a day a week. My parents followed this practice for many decades, and now I have joined ‘e-vidyaloka,’ a non-profit as a volunteer teacher. I have some very close-to-heart charity organizations across all these countries that we are part of and have determined to be small donors to at least four new charities every year!

“Where there is passion, there is art”! I enjoy this life doing things that give me satisfaction and contentment. This blog is a documentation of my muses that vary from a reflection of life to cookery to marketing.

In a nutshell, this is a mother’s diary to her children, a token of gratitude from a daughter to her parents, an attempt to share my beliefs with my friends and like-minded people, and a freelancer’s journey into (digital) marketing. The ideas expressed are purely my personal experiences and thoughts.

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