From Deepawali to Christmas!

Deepawali (row of diyas/clay lamps) or Diwali, marks Lord Rama entering his kingdom, Ayodhya, after killing Ravana in Treta yuga (one epoch), and also, Satyabhama (yes, woman power), wife of Lord Krishna, killing the demon Narakasura in Dwapara yuga ( another age).
In this modern epoch, Kali-yuga, this celebration reminds us to conquer the evil thoughts within us and walk from darkness towards the light, from ignorance towards seeking knowledge.   

Taking a trip down the memory lane strolling around the catholic church in our school, which was part of my everyday life once, brings beautiful memories of my childhood Christmas. Queuing up to watch Jesus’ grotto in our Headmistress’ room, that eagerness to taste those delicious cookies (minus oven then in my town) by close friends who celebrated this festival is still crisp in my mind. Not to forget that one television channel the whole nation watched with variations to regional languages. However, we all watched those famous movies of Jesus -Karuna mMyudu and Daya Mayudu around this time, filling us with empathy and sympathy.
Unity in diversity has been our mantra.

Moving to the UK, novel to me are the joyful concepts of Santa Claus and having our own Christmas tree.

The golden rule for a happy global village lies in embracing our differences whilst advocating ‘unity in diversity!’

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