Be Good to Yourself

Are you taking care of your mental and physical health? Do your deeds and thoughts tend towards some self-love than just self-abuse? Recently, I have realized the need for self-care. This thought process should start from within you. This is to all who are more prone to pleasing others and only know to care for others.

There will be ups and downs. But, the indifference meted out to you should not pull you down but help you expand as an ocean–keep the pleasures and pains as treasures hidden underneath, be strong, create the same crests and troughs producing beautiful rhyme and rhythm come what may.

In this process, stay away from negativity– participate in discussions that inculcate a positive thought process, a room for open discussions where you are celebrated and encouraged towards positive stimulation to the brain. As a result, Bala and I become small donors to two or more nonprofits every year. You are responsible for the community’s health and, in turn, the world you live in. So I decided to stop talking about politics on social media. This doesn’t mean I don’t care, but I act to make the change.

The takeaways:

Eat healthily,


Don’t overthink,

Think positively,

Stay away from abusers and abusive thoughts

Last but not least, don’t fix when things aren’t broken.

If you are happy, continue being happy. Not all are in the same boat; not all pieces of advice is to everyone 😉

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