My first blog post

Quintessence of the word marketing was introduced to me in the year 2000 by Philip Kotler through his books and my lecturers. Operational details of the then market-leaders such as Toys r us, Cadillac etc., were limited to mentions in books and imaginations. Perhaps, growing up in a small town in India in an age sans the Internet could be a factor. Having moved to the UK, many of the concepts from the books such as malls, online markets and ubiquitous marketing psychological strategies became part of my every day life. I started my career in UK with telesales slowly paving way to direct customer sales to a designer, and beyond. That decade still considered customer as king. I was happy doing what I did, without having to name every hidden part and parcel of ‘sales’ role. Been a customer success award winner.  Taking a break after the birth of second child and relocating to the US, made me witness a big gap in my resume and the jobs advertised. The gap is not lack of my skills, in fact I have earned couple more “Coursera” degrees, and supporting many of my friends’ startups.  The gap exists in the titles of the skills  I have achieved or already have. There are companies who would highlight the need for them to ‘re-write’ my CV. Really? My technique or secret lies in ‘Relationship marketing’- reducing the gap between the company’s goals to customer’s needs.

“Are you sure you want to resign because you are pregnant”- the last question posed by my manager on my last day at work. He added, ” this decision, is the end of your career, choices”. That was a permanent position helping me clear exams to moving up the ladder. But decisions were made and needs prioritised.  The dillydallies between mothering and career choices played hide and seek. From being ‘me’, I was promoted to “Indi and Hamsi’s” mum. School friendships and tiffs, demand for parent volunteers and with multiple moves (yes, moved from North of UK to South and now US) arose a pressing need of parental support to bestow kids a comfort cushion. I must admit, my children blessed me with my best of friends. Who knew, mothers of your children’s friends will be your kindred spirits!

From the extremely protected nest of my parents in a town where most of the people know me to a different country as a newly wed, posed different challenges that nurtured me to a better adult.  Blessed by a husband, who would treat me as a grown up individual is helping me be inquisitive about the world around me. There were “friends” who only used us as a means to their ends. Then there are  “friends” who became our next to family, friends who we could call humanists,  friends who made me realise, “you are important too”! Every one around me, every problem, every selfishness, every warm soul I see everyday help me evaluate, be empathetic, be economical, be caring, be positive.

I’m, now, a mentor for our school district, an advisor for an online learning portal, and  marketing lead for our school PTA. All roles are voluntary. This gives me contentment. I am striving to give a close-knit society to my children.

In my attempt to bring in a balance of life as a mother, a woman, a human being, my thoughts must be framed and channeled congruently. Hence, here I am.


  1. Chandra · March 5, 2019

    Very precisely narrated the travel of a small town girl (from a developing country) to highly developed countries and being a successful profesional.


  2. Chandra · March 5, 2019

    Very precisely narrated the travel of a small town girl (from a developing country) to highly developed countries and being a successful profesional


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