Collective Silence More Harmful Than a Raging War

  1. War does not determine who is right — only who is left. –  Bertrand Russel.

    “Let’s buy crayons after the war ends”- a suffering acquaintance of a family in Ukraine said this to their little girl yesterday.

UN Day was huge to me as a student. We used to have an annual competitive exam by the UN’s United Schools Organisation of India. I had such a considerable belief in the UN. I believed they would never let a war happen again. Then a few ensued: Iran-Iraq War, The Gulf War, et al.

And today, Ukraine is boiling. All this for what?
Holy- Rus or Mineral-rich Ukraine?
Yet, the UN is quiet–so is the rest of the world. Holistically speaking, taking historic and people’s validation into account, doesn’t Ukraine deserve to be independent? Are we even living in the 21st century?

A sister of my son’s friend from martial arts, whose family is in Ukraine, hopes to buy crayons to colour once the war ends. Everyone involved in the war is in my prayers. I’m at an age and stage where I think, as human beings, we should act to force the change we wish to see rather than wait for it to happen miraculously. It’s about how we can inspire each other to be at best-deploying the advancement of technology and minds for the good of humanity.

We are all human beings.
We love to boast our political affiliations with pride, not introspect on our choices.
We try to remember who did good and evil to us, not reflect on what we did to others and the repercussions.
We are never open-minded; we take pride in our disgusting intentions.
We are human beings; we only bother about what affects us.

Make your voice heard not to pull others down but build a strong-knit global village.
Not left or right, but a stance that makes us human.

Silence is deemed approval. When powerful minds flex their muscle and are hostile, do we keep quiet? Haven’t Hiroshima and Nagasaki shown us the after-war effects for decades? To condemn what’s not right, does one have to be part of NATO? Will being part of NATO bring back the lost lives and erase the “bloody” history?

But, being a mere human being myself, it’s time for me to grab my tea and watch more news on the war. Lest we forget, Ukraine’s dire situation is above the country we belong to and our political choices; we are all human beings blessed with heavy processing brainpower. So, let’s unite our voices and use social media for the common good. Otherwise, this oppression will spread like wildfire; you know where. The pawns are already on the move.

Let’s hope this little girl gets her crayons and picture a peaceful image.

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