Fortune Favours the Brave!

When you cannot go to the pool for a swim, bring it to your bathroom for a shower.

What a crazy time it has been for Texans!

Lucky we survived it all and be glad that we all learnt more survival skills and exciting tales to reminisce and share. We stuck to our house the entire time. Our house went to as low as -2C and thanks to Texas Gas service for keeping us alive. Not to underestimate the power of prayers by friends and family that spread the ‘warm’th! In my neighbourgood, at one point only three households had people in them, the rest made it safely (❤) to safe zones! Frozen pool, possibility of any leaking pipes, and having our own shelter above us made us stick here and we made it. For about one week with freezing temperatures, we had electricity for about 10 hours until it was restored when the energy company felt we deserve some despite having any ‘critical’ units around us! We are ever grateful for all your messages, care and concern that made us feel that we have our backs covered. Have to thank some extraordinary people, who in spite of being in the same boat, shared some boiled water, water cartons, and fire wood with us. (Sam, Ida, and Aroona ❤) And, to Michael for his guidance wrt our frozen pool. To my CEO for referring hotels to us, and Bala’s company and HR for even willing to get us a truck to put us at safety. God’s grace, we didn’t need it all. We struggled and suffered but in a much better position than those who couldn’t relocate and did not have gas service! Also to Vidhya for constantly keeping an eye on us ready to offer warm shelter or water.

Overall, ‘survival of the fittest’ and ‘struggle for existence” put to test and proven!