Kick the “in”equality!

We, women, don’t need any lost sandals leading cues for princes to rescue. We don’t want any extended periods of sleep that could be broken only by a kiss; we don’t need any stardom to kill us with paparazzi; we don’t need any sympathy to be recognised as women. We don’t need any domestic violence that presses us to put the heavy makeup on; we don’t need any benevolence to look after our interests, needs, and rights. Maybe we don’t need any change of identity. Change of surname (last name), including the first name, is still prevalent across many cultures. Pets in some countries lead a better life than women in certain parts. Aren’t we one equal?

“Me too”- how is it going to change the fate of a woman? That was my original thought. But lately, it dawned on me, to speak up itself is a giant leap, and the exploitation happening in Hollywood is just the tip of the iceberg.  A baby boy’s struggle inside the womb of a mother, also a woman, gives immense strength for him to dominate the “more equal” game once he is out! Is it the right of every “man” to dominate the world the way he desires? For women, it’s an everyday struggle right from fighting for the right to vote to equal pay act to possessing a driver’s license; studying to attend basic needs is still a dream for many. It’s not a pertinent problem limited to just the underdeveloped or the developing countries. It’s the fight even in the developed countries by women, for women, to women– to be safer at least in the future. Physical abuse, body shaming, and luring have been happening everywhere. Power to suppress comes with money, and women themselves are also part of that ‘powerful group.’ That’s sickening!

It’s shocking to find ‘numbers to call to talk in private’ about domestic violence in women’s restrooms in certain developed countries’ maternity wards! It’s also depressing to see a man draws more salary than a woman for the same job.

It’s a shame that ‘every’ Indian reacted, showed empathy, sympathy towards Hollywood’s ‘me too’ campaign. But when it comes to cleaning their backyard, everyone is ‘naive.’ As rightly pointed out by one lady activist on an Indian discussion channel, can any Indian movies be made without attempting rapes or abusing the vulnerable on the name of the casting couch? Now, for that matter, can any movie be made without the dirty acts?  Let’s weave strong communities /neighbourhoods that are safer for girl children and imbibe just and equal thoughts in the minds of everyone. Can women join hand in hand and give the vulnerable a supporting hand? In many religions, goddesses in idol form are prayed every day for wealth and prosperity by men. But women in real life accept and succumb to the harsh brutalities. Humanism should be on the agenda.

          Let’s welcome millions of to-be-men being born this second across the globe who could be deciding the fate of women across. Let’s hope these boys of the future generations rise with equality in their thoughts and deeds. We ought to raise a toast to those men who celebrate the women in their lives at this juncture. 

My two cents would be that every child, especially girls, must get trained in some form of martial arts and must carry a physically strong too outlook! Maybe more boys in ballet and more girls in kick-boxing :)!