Not the “fall” but the rise- Autumn!

       Just as the new moon is a sign of prosperity, for me, autumn is a sign of hope. New moon can only grow; autumn will only set the stage for the spring!

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      Relating it to the countries I have lived in, autumn has different connotations, celebrations, and appearances. In India, which has its own lunisolar calendar, this is the festive time. From celebrating Ganesha, the elephant-head god to Navaratri, the goddess of power – Durga, to Diwali, the festival of lights; it’s festive time. Every tradition in the autumn is related to beating the cold around, swatting the mosquitoes that are on rise because of the open drainage system, and  post-monsoon water-puddles that breed them.English summer, marked by the lush greenery and the majestic aromatic plants, paves way for autumn by either being dormant or shedding their leaves standing up tall letting us have a clear view of  our neighbourhoods, but gradually the days get shorter.There will be days one may not see the sun at all, given their work hours. Carving pumpkins, gathering around the bonfires, apple plucking fests, and counting down for Santa Claus, help us navigate through the dark faster.In US, it’s interesting! End of June, we see pumpkins and Halloween decors in the retail shops. we do wonder at the commercial farsightedness. By autumn, we see countdowns for Christmas, those happy holidays signs everywhere reminding us to book our holidays; one more commercial push! It’s a unanimous decision that celebration is common in autumn wherever we are.  Halloween’s brings the deadly creative side of everyone out. One major aspect of any celebration is food. In the west, salads will be on the decline and soups take the top spot. In India, every festival has its own specialty dishes. But the most common festive dish in south of India is, Tamarind rice, pulihara. The aroma of this rice brings the vibrance.


Autumn definitely brings  dry leaves and cold weather to mind; that shouldn’t necessarily mean just the old leaves. For me this implies getting rid of dry relations and bringing warmth closer to our hearts. Cozy evenings with warm people anticipating the birth of new leaves, daffodils (in UK), Blue Bonnets (in Texas), Mangoes (in India)  sounds very promising, For me autumn is the sign of hope!